The ActiFry Cookbook

Recipes, Cookbooks and advice for the Tefal ActiFry

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 Are you looking for delicious recipes for your Actifry, airfryer or dryfryer? Would you like an easy to follow guide and loads of great meals?

Actifryers, airfryers and dryfryers are counter-top appliances which cook traditionally greasy foods in a low-fat manner. Its biggest selling point is the ability to make low-fat homemade chips using only 1 tablespoon of oil.

It has a 2.2 pound capacity, with a non-stick interior. It is basically a table-top oven that uses a rotating paddle to constantly stir the food as it bakes, and it doesn’t require stirring and flipping of the food.


“The Actifry Cookbook was written in 2011 by M Scott, and has been providing quality recipes ever since”


The Actifry is a table-top, low-fat fryer. Seriously low-fat and so VERY healthy. A kilo of chips needs just a tablespoon of oil.




“Over 70 delicious recipes”